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Cleaning Services Costs and Pricing with Marvel Cleaning

What I really like about Marvel cleaning that sets them apart from the rest is that they tailor the service to suit you. They listen to what you want and they deliver. Time after time.

RH Handsworth, Sheffield
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How much will it cost?

Let's be honest, that's an important question that you've probably already asked, so let's be equally honest with our answer...

We're not the kind of company that wants to be not constricted by hourly rates and rough guesstimates of duration. We prefer to offer a fixed price that gets the job done no matter how long it might take!

So... How Much?

The price of the service you receive will obviously depend on what's involved... how many rooms, how large the area, what needs doing and, let's be honest, how much cleaning is required. After all, our is a tailor made service. And that has financial benefits for you...

Is your home identical to your neighbours? It may be the same size and shape, but what about furniture? What about ornaments? What about pets? Other companies with their flat-rate charging schemes would charge you the same as your neighbour, even if your home doesn't need as much cleaning!

We believe the way to establish a fair price is for us to visit and provide a free, no obligation quotation. There's no heavy sales patter, no foot-in-the-door bullying. You simply tell us exactly what you want from us and we can give you a fair price for work you'll be thrilled by.

No over-charging... no over-estimating... a set price for the actual job of work that needs doing.

Seems fair... What Do I Do Now?

We want your cleaning work! We genuinely care about the service we provide and are confident no one tries harder. So if you're in or near Sheffield and are seeking the services of professional domestic and commercial cleaners, please contact us now for a free, no obligation quote that leaves you knowing exactly what you'll need to pay... with no hidden fees and no surprise extras!




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